Sports Media Reflection

Returning back to school this past fall, I was very excited to begin this class and see what new things I could learn from it and experiences that I could gain.  This semester has proved to be challenging, but Sports Media allowed me to have fun while also learning.  Since my freshman year of high school, I have had an interest in pursuing a career in the sports industry, particularly sideline reporting.

I learned many great things in this class that I hadn’t really thought about or known previously, including the high demand that working in sports requires.  Through all of the speakers and visits that we have completed this semester, not one time have I failed to hear that working in sports requires more time, dedication and commitment than most other careers.  

While I think this is very admirable in these people who have chosen to join the sports world for their life, I also have seen their great passion for their careers.  Passion, that is, that I don’t possess for sports in particular.

Upon realizing that I don’t want to pursue a sports career, I was a little disheartened.  A career possibility that I had considered since my teen years, was now crossed off of my list because I know I wouldn’t truly be happy doing it.  After much thought and reflection, though, I started to see this realization as a blessing; it is taking me one step closer to finding out what I truly would love to do for my career.

So, in all, the biggest thing I learned from Sports Media, (although not expected to say the least), is that working in the sports world is not for me.  I greatly enjoyed the class and the many new skills and information I gained from it, though.  As always, I am beyond grateful for an opportunity to broaden my knowledge base and perspective.

If there was one thing that I could change for future classes of Sports Media, I would have the textbook/ Perusall readings taken away.  I found that these readings benefitted me very little, and it was hard to make comments on some of the readings that were very surface level and non-thought provoking.  I feel that maybe discussing this type of material in class and in person, rather than reading it in an online textbook,  would be more beneficial for future students.  



Hello and welcome to my blog! My name is Kayley and I am a Junior at THE Ohio State University. Throughout the semester, I will be reporting on the Men and Women's Buckeye soccer teams. I hope you enjoy!

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